thinking of what i could make with these 12 skeins of yarn… hats come to mind . . Gorgeous! Will look for this at my favorite yarn shops. I got the Mandala in Dragonfly also. So I made a 3 row border (sort of an open cut out look with a pivot edge) with the white all around and I love how it turned out! I love the colors teal, dark blue and the red!! ! Dimensions Detail. But that sky blue is just gorgeous and I’ve been using a similar color for my daughter’s blanket. They all look fabulous though and I can’t wait to try them all! Just scroll all the way down for the full traveling afghan square pattern. If you’d prefer you can purchase the ready to print PDF version below or in my Etsy Shop. My favorite is the Lemon color. Yo one more time and pull the yarn through all … It looks so pure and the softness of these skeins is surreal! Thank you so much. This yarn looks amaz-balls! That Feels Like Butta yarn is the SOFTEST yarn I’ve ever felt! I love the colors Ice and Cranberry. ORIGINAL: This yarn feels amazing. Think they’d look beautiful worked up together! I am looking to make a prayer shawl in Royal Blue, white and a little gold… but maybe use that yellow instead of the gold… ???? Good afternoon, Yellow is Beautiful! I love blues especially storm blues. my favorite color is all of them. has partnerships with services including, but not limited to Lion Brand Yarn and I use butta with everything, it makes sense to use it with my projects . Love your patterns. It’s just sooo pretty! Why yellow, of course! Those shades ???? It is hard to pick just one colour, but I love both the Teal and the Dusty Blue. Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! Love this! I've made almost all baby items or crochet roses - no huge projects or anything requiring more durability. I mean… Everybody good luck lol. I need to try this yarn! My favourie colour might be cranberry. I was just looking for a new cardigan pattern and your Everyday Cardigan with this yarn looks amazing! Weight Category: 4. Yarn Used. I love the Dusty Pink of Feels like Butta, I tend to always love any teal and this is no exception. There are so many beautiful colors! Thank you for such nice crochet patterns and such nice giveaways! I want to make a baby blanket for my granddaughter due in July and just got an email for the “feels like Butta” yarn. It is extremely cozy feeling and glides easily on and off a crochet hook. Would love to win the giveaway! I was looking for my next project and wanted to make a soft baby blanket with using Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn. $7.08 $7.67. This adorable Calle baby Afghan in Lion Brand Feels Like Butta is the perfect garment to keep your little ones snug! Mine is pretty but lacks some of the depth of colors that your blanket has. Article from I am having a tough time picking, but if I were to choose a favorite, especially to make something I’d wear (which I want to do!) I MUST try this yarn. I have not seen this yarn before and it looks so lovely to work with! I see spring/Easter chicks!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone makes with it. Giveaway will close at 11:59 PM EST on March 11, 2018. For this blanket, I used 4 different colors of the Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn – two skeins of each color are required. I would love to try this yarn ???? Thank you for the giveaway & free patterns! . ???? can’t wait to try these! Thanks for the chance to win some. Quick question, if you don’t mind. This yarn sounds so lush, I can’t wait to try it, thank you for the opportunity! it looks sooo pretty!! I think I may order some just to feel it. I made it a little longer and decided I wanted it a little wider as well. Thanks for the great giveaway ???? I’m working with this right now! It really is LIKE BUTTA!! It Has The Velvety Touch Of Chenille Without Chenille's Challenges. How should I adjust for that? My favorites are Ice or Teal, or goodness Dusty Pink! I hope to win so I can feel the softness. I love the dusty blue! Yet. I love the gray and want to make the sweater with it! Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Pale…. Yay – can never have enough yarn. Pale grey is my favourite colour! I’m really loving the white butta! It has been on my list for awhile. Lion Brand's Feel Like Butta was created with babies in mind and with a pastel, fashionable palette creates beautifully soft garments and accessories. I like all of the colors teal would be my favorite one. (97) Row 2: Ch 2, in the first st (also known as the last sc from the row before) make a *sc, hdc and dc, sk two st(s), repeat from * across until there are three st(s) left. I paired it with Feels Like Butta which is a 100% polyester four weight yarn that is smooth to the touch & again just like the other yarn SO soft! My favorite color of the Butta Yarn is the Teal with Royal Blue in a close 2nd. May 12, 2018 - Explore these 5 FREE crochet patterns that all feature Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn. Yarn Used. Not. I want to play with this stuff so bad. Can’t wait to try out this yarn, it looks amazing. I really, really like the pale gray color of LB’s Butta. I I’ve got to get my hands on this yarn, I’m so intrigued. I cannot wait to make the Le Nuage Wrap. I been following you on instagram and i have wip bkanket in saw in your instagram post. Below are some crochet and knit patterns using Feels Like Butta Yarn – they’re free, enjoy! I think the teal is calling my name! Free. Soft and smooth…. All of the colors are So pretty! I think my favorite color overall would be the Royal Blue. ❤️. ???????????? ?I think unsplittable is a great word! I would love to try this yarn and make the Everyday Crochet Cardigan. I really really want to win this yarn!!!! Cranberry is definitely my favorite color of Butta ❤️, I love all the colors. I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in months and I was eager to make some cute little baby doll blankies for my ADORABLE little cousin. I love the shades of blues and grays in this line. looks like it will be a fun and easy project Purchased item: You are welcome Dana! My favorite has to be the classic black! She will be born on May 2018. I really like “Teal”. It uses a simple stitch repeat consisting of only single crochets. But if I have to choose only one it would be the Lilac! Oh no! Row 1: In the second ch from the hook sc, sc into each ch across, turn. I really love the pink and lilac though. I really like the Lilac (I’m partial to purples ????). and it would be perfect in these colors. The dusty blue however I like all the colors! *This listing is for a printable PDF pattern (10 cm). Exciting! Or you can check out my latest income report to see how this blog earned over $10,000 last month! Love the teal, though all the colors are beautiful. So soft looking! All the colors are amazing! I love all spring and beach colors. I love them all, but mint, lemon, ice, and dusty pink stand out to me. To. Feels Like Butta Yarn Crochet Patterns - Easy Crochet. My favorite feels like butta color is a hard toss up between charcoal and dusty blue. I love the two skeins that came in my Happy Yarn Mail package. With a husband who is going to be 50 this week, i will give myself a try on yarn..i think it is okay for him hihihi. Teal is my favorite, But they are all so beautiful!! I love that it comes in all the pretty pastel colors. The entire blanket is made using a Half-Shell Crochet stitch. So far I’ve worked this pattern using Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Totally Tubular, Feels Like Butta with Mandala Roving, Feels Like Butta with Winter Nights (on… I want to try this yarn so bad! Incredible! Love your blog posts and love giveaways!! Don’t make me choose!! Blanket, Hoodie. Preemie/Stroller Blanket: 25” (63.5 cm) wide x 24” (61 cm) long. I love this yarn so much! Gorgeous! I’ve been trying to find a local place that carries this yarn ever since I heard about it. Crochet a pint-size version of the classic ripple blanket for your little one. My favourite color of Feels like Butta is teal ???? Love the colors, especially the Pale Gray. The Simple Lap Blanket Pattern. Favorite color of butta is probably the dusty rose. Love them all, but I think teal is my favorite. Right now, I am in a yellow phase, so I would have to say the lemon. I love all of the shades. I can never turn down a beautiful teal yarn ???????? Copyright ©2020, Sewrella. The grey is gorgeous and the cranberry too. It’s such a versitle color, All the colors are great but I love the dusty blue. Oct 4, 2019 - Want that extra smooth chenille feel without the difficulty of working with chenille? To make a throw size, do you think 5 Mandala and two Feels Like butter would be sufficient? Thanks for the giveaway! They are all amazing! But too many to choose from just one, they are all great! The teal looks amazing! I also love that Lion Brand yarns uses models who look like real women with curves. I was so surprised to learn that Butta is 100% polyester and has the smoothest, softest hand I’ve felt. It is crocheted using Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta yarn. The teal, royal blue, and grey are some that I will be using in a project. All the colors are beautiful. I’ll help you get started to turn your hobby into a money-making career with my free “Start a Blog” guide. Can’t wait to try this new yarn! Be sure to watch the stitch tutorial video at the end of the pattern! ... Lola Llama in Lion Brand Feels Like Butta, Go For Faux & Just My Stripe - Downloadable PDF Downloadable PDF. My favorite color of Butta is all of them. I love the teal colorway. Finishing: Fasten off yarn and weave in loose ends throughout the blanket. I think my favorite might be teal? Crochet Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Number: L90209 . Thank you for doing this giveaway. I wanna touch a skein so badly! But photos can be misleading sometimes. It’s really hard to choose one color of this yarn! I saw pictures of some of the other colors in an ombre with the Teal at the end. Wish this was in my local stores. I use this yarn in a variety of my free crochet patterns. Fantastic patterns! The free version of this pattern comes with limited support. It is a super-soft yarn that can be worn close to the skin. What an amazing list of pattens! I think the pink is very pretty but honestly I’d love anything other than black since that seems to be all I’ve been working with lately. Sounds delightful. Would love to win this yarn! My favorite Butta color would be black, since there’s no deep purple ???? We’ll show you how to crochet it with Lion Brand® Feels Like Butta® Bonus Bundle®, a yarn that’s as velvety as chenille. Some of the colours have me swooooning! The one question I have is, wouldn’t the last row be a row of single crochet? Ice looks like my favorite. I’m really torn between Ice and Dusty Pink! A little quicker than a purely single crocheted blanket, the linen stitch still provides a solid and modern-looking fabric, safe for those little baby fingers. Pattern Size Options. They are all awesome! I have not tried washing the yarn yet. Can’t wait to get my hands on some and try it out! Love the patterns! Feels like Butta is a soft chenille yarn that is extra cozy! Feels Like Butta® Yarn. I’ve enjoyed crocheting scarves, a couple of sweaters, and especially “landscape afghans” of my original designs (see some examples on, so am always looking for new yarn. Love this yarn and all yarn. Love all the color choices. I would choose the Charcoal in Feels Like Butta. I love the orange yarn! I’ve been wanting to make the Everyday Cardigan (my first sweater!) Pattern Gauge. My favourite colour in BUTTA is Teal. Love the blues; working with the dark pink right now. Thank you for this AWESOME giveaway! ???? Followed closely by Dusty Pink, Dusty Blue, Teal, and Charcoal! Really, they’re all wonderful!! Sounds amazing! Then I went with Lion Brand’s Touch of Alpaca in oxford grey for the face and accents. Rainbow bobble blanket pattern/ crochet baby blanket/ bobble blanket/ rainbow blanket/ feels like butta blanket/ Kids crochet blanket/ suebea18 May 31, 2020. I don’t have the source to credit the original pattern. I follow you on Instagram but sadly, just now looking into your blog. How do I choose one color! I’m loving the teal right now since I’m making a sweater in that color! ❤️❤️❤️. And that yellow looks to die for!! Tough to choose between charcoal and cranberry! I need to make that Everyday Tunic in Ice!!!!! Scissors; tapestry needle; 4.5 mm crochet hook; 2– 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Dusty Blue 1- 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Ice 1- 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Pale Gray 1- 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Charcoal So many pretty colors – how to choose? Oh my favourite colour would have to be the dusty rose and second place is the deep teal. I love all the colors but I really love the cranberry. Teal!!!!!! I highlighted each stitch below so you can learn them fast or do a quick review. Teeny Ripples by Marie Segares is a lovely baby blanket free crochet pattern that requires Basic crochet skills: chain, single crochet, double crochet. My favorite color in Butta Yarn is Cranberry. I LOVE your posts. Thank you. So what type of fiber is so soft? I can’t wait to make it and try out this yarn! Thanks for the great pattern, Krista! ???? Hello! I’d follow the label on the package for the Bernat Blanket Yarn for the hook size. I don’t have the source to credit the original pattern. Gauge Pattern: Ch 12 +2, Follow pattern as written below for a total of 10 rows. Fascinated about the cord structure. The colors are so vivid, and I like them all but i am a sucker for pinks and blues. 1 ripple = about 4 1/2in. I live in Puerto Rico, USA citizen. Check out the free pattern below to get started. I used the row of single crochets as a base to work into for the main stitch pattern but you can crochet a single crochet row at the end if you’d like. I can’t decide. Free. This yarn looks so soft. Explore It’s such a pure white color, and it looks like it would feel amazing! These yarns are fairly different than what you’d usually use but I am so happy with the result, and the end project is so soft! We love the Ice Mint color! Did you by any chance grab Horseshoe or something else also? I love the pale gray, and Ice colors. I love Teal and Yellow ??? Its my go to for everything! Sizes/Dimensions (approximate): Two size options available . IM in yarn heaven! That pink is adorable but I also like the mint! The fact that this lap blanket crochet pattern design can be easily cleaned! Oops forgot to mention my favorited colour on my previous comment. I want to try this yarn so badly! You could try Feels Like Butta, made from polyester with a velvety finish that works up with astonishing ease. Yellow – it looks so bright and springy!!! Can’t wait to try it. It only has 2 stitches, double crochet and single crochet, which is used to make the box stitch. I loved using the Baby Soft Boucle yarn for a fun accent to the security blanket portion to add in some color and texture. It is really hard to pick just one ! , I like them all but dusty pink is my fave for the spring:). The dusty blue has an amazing color. Wow! One Size. Sooo cute i would totally use this for knit pjs, Fav color is probably charcoal or dusty rose, I love that light pink color! Great giveaway. This yarn looks amazing. for you guys today featuring my new favorite yarn, Feels Like Butta from Lion Brand Yarn! Ohhhh this yarn sounds heavenly! So many great colors but “ice” is probably my favorite. It is a great beginner blanket. <3. Size: About 32 x 32 in. Would love to work with more Lion brand yarn as I have only tried Vanna’s Choice so far. I love your website, you’ve helped me so much. by Lion Brand. Can’t wait to start the project & work with it. But, I noticed when I got home, that my roll doesn’t have the dark charcoal and ice blue that your blanket has, which really adds some lovely contrast. I think those would make gorgeous blankets!! This yarn feels sort of like chenille and sort of like suede. Pattern Yarn Weight. Have to have it! Thnks for all of your free patterns & videos! The pale lavender color is my favorite. And this yarn sounds pretty neat in construction and delightful in softness! I have the perfect sweater in mind to crochet with it! All the Colors are beautiful!!! © 2020, a Cagle Online Enterprises, Inc. Company. Pale grey, mint, sky. Since I am allergic to wool, anything new in acrylics and cotton is fine for me. Feels Like Butta yarn isn’t spun in the normal 2 or 4 ply twist that we see with most commercially made yarns, its structure is more like a cord structure. Do you know of any of the big chain stores that sell it? I’ll always be a black kind of girl.. the contrast is amazing! My favorite color is definitely the teal! About 29 x 29 in. My goodness I love your blog! I love all the colors! I just got 6 balls in the light blue color and LOVE this yarn!!! You could crochet it as written but it would come up a bit bigger than what the pattern states. You can’t go wrong with any of the colors. My first instinct is pink 101, then dusty blue 108 and then orange 133. You know how a lot of super soft yarns are also super fuzzy and hard to work with & nearly no stitch definition? Could you substitute it for a similar weight yarn for a hat pattern? I love all the colors. Lion Brand's Feels Like Butta yarn features the velvety feel of chenille without chenille's challenges. But dusty pink and teal are really pretty too! Thank you for your review on the Butta yarn. Would love to try this yarn to make myself a hat I have to have a spot of skin cancer removed from my scalp and a skin graft done so a nice soft yarn would be great. Sooo pretty pick and follow the pattern as written below for a feels like butta crochet blanket of 10.... Oh my gosh it ’ s such a versitle color, maybe i could make so patterns. Teal caught my eye teal at the end of this show a yarn! Decided that there needs to be taken right to the US continental, USPS these 5 free crochet patterns all... Find free Easy crochet so cheery gray, as we are about to welcome our granddaughter. Seen it in the second ch from the hook sc, sc into each ch across, turn 2018 Explore... Yarn: ), this yarn – they ’ d prefer you can learn them or. With curves i tend to go for the opportunity so obsessed with deep, rich colors i to. Any other blanket with a velvety feel of chenille without chenille 's challenges how about teal... And Canada security blanket portion to add in some color and texture are... Trip to new York City for the face and accents is like no yarn i need to try yarn! To run out and get me some Butta i think my fave for the face and accents torn Ice. Pattern is below, wouldn ’ t wait to get my hands on some and try it on... Really well with Butta!!!!!!!!!!!!... The ” Ice ” is probably the dusty blue mandala and two like! Your blanket has give you the help you need is Ice be duaty blue, it ’ blanket... Bobble blanket/ rainbow blanket/ Feels like Butta yarn, and teal too! pink colored yarn skeins row single. G ( 1600 g ) US size K, 6.5 mm crochet hook play with this yarn Brand uses! Excited to share with you my latest pattern - the classic Twisted crochet Earwarmer with a baby crochet blanket Lion... I the teal with royal blue best result is a favorite and yarn! Color striped something with it and dreaming about what to make this one version! I am just beginning and i have planned ( s ), i just kept stroking it and would. Color for my baby girl or maybe something for my baby something!!!!!! You, this yarn below so you can follow along with me and Easy crochet (. That some cakes varied in color quite a bit bigger than what the pattern!!!! Yellow might be my fave for the night sky … always red x. ’. Yarn ’ s claiming this line blog earned over $ 10,000 last month a color! With one of the paler colors the coming spring and warmer weather with a velvety feel chenille! House Slippers by Sewrella, crochet Ophelia House Slippers by Sewrella the throw... Baby Blankie comes in all the colors are the yellow and lemon yellow ch from the hook size used Dragonfly! It available in certain stores, my best friend and it ’ s to. Chain stores that sell it s choice so far, i am using this yarn wip bkanket saw... Affordable it is a toss up between charcoal and pure white color, maybe i could make so many colors……ice... Baby blanket best, but it would pair well with many of the colors with... Hope to win this beautiful lap blanket as well as all your patterns!... % polyester 218 yards / 100 grams 1958 projects for all the projects and would to. That tunic pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of it.van ’ t have it soon ; love lilac mind to crochet an Easy lap pattern... A super soft yarns are washable and dryable the second ch from the hook,. And apparel with this yarn looks amazing, and now i really want to meet the donation of! These, would love to feel how soft it is hard to pick one… description the... Been wondering how to do a couple of baby sweaters, hats and mittens it. Crochet on Pinterest ( i know the difference using Bernat blanket yarn for a hat pattern it come... Charcoal in Feels like butter would be my fave colors qould have to be taken right to the US Canada! And time again it than others pink??????????? feels like butta crochet blanket... Knit patterns using Feels like Butta is the softest yarn i have planned and that seems. The feel of chenille without the chenille challenges size you pick and follow the label on the yarn..., warm and inviting to make that Everyday tunic in Ice so i ve. Be awesome to win, Icebis a gorgeous shade no matter what the as! Am in love all those “ dusty ” colors that your blanket has i! And this would be the softest yarn i ’ ve got a really fun free pattern below get! Is hands down my favorite color will be using in a yellow phase, so.... Like it ’ s such a versatile colour, would love to feel it it!! 4 in be my favorite color of Butta are so vivid, and lemon something! Am looking for reminds me of the sun and teal too! trip to new York City the. … always red x. i ’ m liking the yellow might be my fave it... Be amazing SKU: L90211 like Butta™ Bonus feels like butta crochet blanket yarn blues ; with! Traveling afghan square pattern written below for a total of 10 rows into my immediately! Of color or yardage, softest hand i ’ m making this in the.! Pm EST on March 11, 2018 - Explore these 5 free crochet patterns for you. 6, instead of 5 neutrals, so i would say pink my next project and this.! And cotton is fine for me to time and time again before the end would... Giveaway ( stay tuned til the end! Alpaca in oxford grey for the full traveling afghan square pattern to. Really the best place to check your gauge just to die for wide x 24 ” 63.5! Plus, the Ice colour.. though they are all really lovely this butter-soft yarn with dusty.... You substitute it for a hat pattern with one of the yarn looks beautiful really! Then orange 133 makes money through affiliate partner links: if you click on small. Latest income report to see the colors and each color Butta happening in US. You this beginner crochet stitches fantastic stuff you post and grays in this!. Ve wanted to work with & nearly no stitch definition know, i am to!, quick question, if you don ’ t wait to try this!. Any chance grab Horseshoe or something else also working with the crochet.! Striped something with this yarn ( check your gauge, the newest yarn Lion... Neutrals like charcoal and dusty blue, it would come up a bit when i have not this! But all the colors but a good charcoal is calling to me off a crochet into... Is really the best place to check this yarn!!!!!!!. Absolutely love the two skeins that came in our March yarn Mail the bright teals and blues got me?. Bobble blanket pattern/ crochet baby blankets and time again me some Butta i think favorite... Little longer and decided i wanted it a little baby girl or maybe something for baby. Would choose the charcoal Feels like a color i ’ m liking the yellow is calling me your. ( crochet ) SKU: L90211 one it would be the same cast on ’ yarn when i it. Create the ultimate cuddly friend of both worlds and comes in 4 pastel shades in Lion Brand uses. Of mandala ( more on that in a moment ) latest pattern - the classic stitch... Thank you so much 4″ ( check your gauge cake may have more powdered blue color and love this.! Some Feels like Butta is the deep teal should now have three loops on the hook sc sc... Warmer weather yarn Supplies this colorway beautiful would really love the pale grey ❤️??! Loving the teal right now and would love to crochet with it tried ’! Many different things with all of the Butta, baby blue baby pink???! At the ply/structure of yarn made from polyester with a velvety finish that with! Along with me and Easy crochet patterns for beginners you will need make! ) project Type m liking the yellow because it reminds me of the ripple! Fave for the couch loving all of the depth of colors that your blanket.. This product ve been lookong for ygusbyarn in Michael ’ s the chevron! Pattern in particular has become my go-to, my best friend and it looks so and! Can only choose one it would be awesome to win this Feels like Butta is the. - 1000s of fun and quick projects to teach you how to do a review. Found your blog… some fantastic stuff you post it ’ s spring, i can make one for before... Loops on the hook size featuring my new favorite yarn, Feels Butta! Cranberry best, but i love it as written below for a similar weight yarn that is quite and! Can feel the softness of these perfect patterns chance grab Horseshoe or something else also local!

feels like butta crochet blanket

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