Commute Ontario    -
  Updated 11 months ago

Commute Ontario is a program of SustainMobility, designed to encourage commuters in the province of Ontario to adopt healthy and sustainable transportation options. 

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Safe Cycling Thunder Bay    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Safe Cycling Thunder Bay offers cycling skills training to make riding in Thunder Bay easier, safer, and more fun.

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Commute Cost Calculation    -
  Updated 8 months ago

Are you looking to split the cost of your commute with your carpool group but don't know where to start?

Click here to see an example on how to calculate your approximate commute cost.

Thunder Bay Transit System    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Plan your day in advance and know when your bus is going to arrive in real-time with

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Click here to view the Thunder Bay Transit System Map.


Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling    -
  Updated 8 months ago

Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling provides important information, tips and techniques to help make you a safe, confident cyclist whether you are a new or experienced rider. 

Click here to view the guide. 

Thunder Bay News    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Stay up to date with Thunder Bay’s latest news and public notices. Read our bi-monthly mytbay citizen newsletter or subscribe to other city newsletters.

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Ontario Carpool Parking Lots    -
  Updated 8 months ago

Looking for a place to meet up with your carpool partner before entering the highway system? Take advantage of free Ministry of Transportation (MTO) carpool parking lots today.

Click here to find a carpool parking lot near you.

Carpool lots are restricted to a maximum of 120 consecutive hours. Selected lots are also served by public transit.